Apostle Dr. Muriel & Pastor Danny Fuqua

Dr. Muriel Avant Fuqua is a native of Louisville, Mississippi, but has resided in Daytona Beach, Florida since 1989. She is married to Co-Pastor Danny Fuqua, a retired U.S. Army veteran of 29 years. They have two children (Phebe and Daniel) and three grandchildren, Amaziah, Jaylisa, and Hezekiah. Apostle Fuqua has earned the following degrees: Bachelors’ and Masters’ Degrees in English Literature from Jackson State University; Ph.D. in Biblical Studies from International Seminary. Apostle Fuqua has been teaching English at Daytona State College (DSC) since 1989. During the Fall/1998 semester, Apostle Fuqua wrote and developed the first African American Literature course offered at Daytona State College, and has been teaching this course since that time.  Also, in 1998, Dr. Fuqua reorganized DBCC’s (now DSC) Literary Society. This student club had been inactive for over eight years, but during Dr. Fuqua’s tenure as advisor, the student club won several state literary awards. While being the Advisor of DBCCs (now DSC) literary magazine (at that time named Reflections), Dr. Fuqua, along with student club members restructured the library for the Rose Marie Bryon Children’s Center, one of the oldest after care centers in Daytona Beach, Florida. The literary club collected and donated over 1,000 books to revamp the center’s library.

Dr. Fuqua has received numerous scholastic awards. Among them is the Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers Award, received in 1997, 1998, 1999, 2001, 2002, and 2004.  In 2008, during the Juneteenth Banquet, the City of Daytona Beach, Florida awarded Dr. Fuqua a Hometown Hero Recognition Award for her work in the local community.

After assisting various pastors for over 10 years, and evangelizing for 11 over years, Dr. Fuqua accepted the office of a Pastor, in 2000.  The church began in an extra room in the family's home, with four people: her husband Co-Pastor Danny, Phebe, and Daniel.  Apostle Fuqua is currently the Senior Pastor of Word And Praise Family Church Inc., an Overseer of pastors, covenant members and partners in the United States and abroad. She is also a Satellite Supervisor for International Seminary of Plymouth, Florida. Additionally, Dr. Fuqua is the Founder and Overseer of  I.N.S.P.I.R.E.   I.N.S.P.I.R.E is an International Network of Spiritual Partners – Inspired to Restore and Emulate Kingdom Standards.   This ministry is for spiritual covering and partnership. In 2009 Dr. Fuqua said “Yes” to the Lord in regards to the office of an Apostle, and had been praying and seeking God concerning this heavy mantle, for many years.  She was officially affirmed and ordained in this office in October of 2011 and was sent forth as an Apostle. Apostle Fuqua’s Overseer is Archbishop Mark DuBois of Judah International Ministries in Mackinaw, Illinois.

In October of 2014, Dr. Fuqua published her autobiographical memoir entitled. He Wrapped My Pain In His Glory. In October of 2015, she published her second book entitled Images From My Heart: Inspirational Quotes and Poems.

Finally, Apostle Fuqua’s ministry work has afforded her the opportunity to travel and speak at various community events, churches, crusades, revivals, workshops, and seminars. She has also preached and ministered in the Bahamas, the Republic of t he Philippines, Paris, France, and Jamaica. She flows profoundly with prophetic gifting and has been a mentor for many pastors and five-fold ministry leaders. Her motto in life is: “Knowledge held within is dead knowledge. Share it with others, and then it is resurrected.” Dr. Fuqua’s favorite scripture is: Proverbs 3:5-6. “Trust in the Lord with your whole heart, and lean not to your own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.” Apostle Dr. Muriel Fuqua is truly an end-time warrior, equipped and ready for battle.
Pastor Danny Fuqua is a native of Edwards, Mississippi. He received his A.S. Degree from Vincent University in St. Augustine Florida, a Diploma of Practical Theology from International Seminary in Plymouth, Florida and attended Jackson State University in Jackson, Mississippi, with a study in Military Science. In May of 2014, he received his B.S. degree in Business Administration from Liberty University, in Lynchburg, Virginia, and in December/2017, his M.B.A. From Liberty University. Pastor Danny is  a retired veteran with the United States Army. He worked with the military since 1984 and retired with 29 years of committed service in the United States Army.  He served our country in Iraq from November/2010 until November/2011. He is happily married to Apostle Dr. Muriel Fuqua. Pastor Danny is the Co-Pastor of Word And Praise Family Church, Inc. in Daytona Beach, Florida. He is a mentor, entrepreneur, and has unique business and finance skills. His ambition is to make sure that everyone becomes a homeowner and debt free.  For several years, Pastor Danny was a private real estate investor, and he assisted many people with acquiring a place that they can call “home.”

Pastor Danny has taught budgeting and money management classes that have changed the lives of many people. Additionally, for the past four years he has been serving as the Co-Chairman of the Midtown Redevelopment Board for the City of Daytona Beach, Florida. For two years Pastor Danny served as the President of the Midtown Neighborhood Association. He also serves as the President for the Volusia County Veteran's Caucus, and the Chaplain for the Black Democratic Caucus. Pastor Danny also serves on various other community boards throughout the city of Daytona Beach, Florida.

Pastor Danny Fuqua is a great encourager and a great provider for his family and the church.  In 2013, the City of Daytona Beach, Florida awarded him a Hometown Hero Recognition for his work in the local community. Pastor Danny is a private pilot student and wishes to obtain his private pilots license in the very near future. He is the president for the Florida Chapter Black Pilots of America (BPA).
His motto in life is: “Give a man a fish, and he will eat for a day.  Teach a man how to fish, and he will eat for a lifetime.”