The Valley Is A Temporary Place! -Part 2-

Scripture: Psalms 23:1-6

Hopefully you were able to read Part 1 about the valley being a temporary place. Part two gives Two More Points About Valley Experiences:

Point # 3 – Don’t Take Up Residence In The Valley! – God will meet us in the valley, so we should not decide to take up residence in the valley. Some people have been down so long until getting up just ain’t on their minds! Some people are in the valley so long until they decide to stay there. They give up and stop praying. Their faith is challenged, and their hope is gone. They are like the Israelites who asked the question, “How can we sing songs of Zion in such a strange land?”

Valleys Are Sometimes A Gift From God. – Valleys are a part of life. No one will ever go through life and at the end boast that “I made it through without any scars.” Believe it or not, we can sometimes view the valley as a gift from God, because anything that brings us to Him is a gift. For example, there are some people who have been in terrible car accidents, and it totaled the car. However, they came out of the car without even a scratch. It is a time like this that that terrible valley brought those people closer to God. That’s a gift to those people. For sure, no one wants to experience an accident of this nature, but this particular example opened up those people’s eyes and allowed them to become a great asset to the Kingdom of God.

Conclusion – It is GOD Himself who walks with us through life’s trials to deliver us from all evil and fear. Yes, the valley is where we do our struggling, and yes the valley is inevitable through our journey of life all the way up unto our departure from this world, but GOD comforts us with the assurance that even earthly death will never separate our souls from dwelling in His holy presence forever in Heaven! Truly, as it is written, “We will fear no evil, for Thou art with us!” And truly, as it is written, “We shall dwell in the house of The LORD forever!” I don’t know about you, but in the midst of all my struggles, and the fact that the valley is only a temporary place, I feel that it is worth shouting about the Victory that we will receive on the other side! Amen! The Valley Is A Temporary Place!

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