Stripping For A Re-Equipping

Scripture:II Corinthians 5:17


“Therefore if any man be in Christ,
he is a new creature: old things are passed away;
behold, all things are become new.”


Introduction: God is ready to restore the Body of Christ and give them something new. How can we get this newness? We must allow God to strip us for the reequipping. In other words, God wants to give the Body of Christ an extreme makeover.


The Word Stripping Means: Undressing, disrobing, shedding, denying, ridding, and taking away


  • When we allow God to disrobe us of some things, an extreme makeover will take place, and we will be equipped for the next phase our divine destiny.
  • When we allow God to rid us of some things, and shed some things, an extreme makeover will take place, and we will be equipped for the next phase our divine destiny.


When We Are Equipped, We Are: Armed, fortified, prepared, furnished, ready, operational, and fitted.

I’m Sure Many Of You Are Familiar With The Realty Show “Extreme Makeover.”

  • To be a contestant on that show, there are some eligibility requirements.
  • To go through the spiritual stripping for a reequipping, there are some Eligibility Requirements.
  • We must meet the same requirements as the TV Reality Show.
  • Let’s Look At The Requirements.

#1 – You Have To Expose Everything.

  • With the Realty TV show, you must expose citizenship, age, employment, criminal record, mental health, etc.
  • The same is true when we are stripping for the equipping spiritually.
  • We must expose everything about ourselves.
  • God already knows, but He wants us to know who we are, and what we have on file.
  • Many of us have been in denial about whom and what we really are.
  • But, it’s time for an exposure.
  • It’s a time of judgment!
  • A verdict is about to made.
  • A sentence e is about to be made.
  • You must be stripped from laziness, lethargic, lying, stealing, cheating, ungodliness…The list goes on and on.
  • All of those things must be stripped.


#2 – You Waive All Your Legal Rights To Your Likeness.

  • On The Realty TV show, you have no say in how they might want to exploit (or make the most of you) you for their television show.
  • The same is true spiritually. We have no legal rights in what God wants to make of us.
  • Since God made us, during the stripping, we are going to release all of our “so called” rights of what we want God to make of us, and do with us.
  • In other words, must realize we are not our own. We belong to God!

#3 – You Agree To Undergo, Without Limitations, Any Cosmetic Or Plastic Surgery, At The Sole Discretion of the Producer.

  • With the Realty TV show, the surgeon can change the nose, mouth, eyes, hips, thighs, legs, etc. the way he wants to.
  • When we go to the Producer (The Chief Potter; The Chief Designer; The Chief Surgeon — God), we need to give Him full charge of what He wants to do with us.
  • We can’t tell God, to “move this,” but don’t “move that.”
  • We need to say, “Lord, shape me, form me, and re-equip me any way you desire!
  • Take all the ugly and ungodly out.
  • Any way you form me, I’ll be satisfied!
  • Strip me from being a vessel of DISHONOR to a VESSEL OF HONOR!

#4 – You Must Allow Them To Use All Or Any Part Of Your Likeness, And They Can Alter Or Modify It, Regardless Of Whether Or Not You Are Recognizable.

  • Whatever part of us that God wants to modify, we need to be willing to let Him do it!
  • We must take the limits off of God.
  • If we are unrecognizable after the process, then the Procedure’s work was a great Success! Amen!
  • We should look new.
  • We should act new.
  • We are new creatures! — New creations!
  • Our image and likeness should reflect the image and likeness of God!
  • We should look and act like our Daddy! — Our Heavenly Father!

Watch This: And, If You Don’t Agree To Abide By The Rules, You Are Ineligible To Participate.

  • If we don’t let God strip us to re-equip we will remain as we are.
  • We will not be able to participate in the higher callings that God has reserved for us.
  • And, if you have seen any of the “before” pictures on the TV Reality Show, you will probably say, “UGH! She looks awful!” or “UGH, What A MESS!”
  • The same is true us as Christians (saints of God).
  • We have strip off anything or anyone in our lives, that will hinder us from giving God our lives completely.
  • If not, God will look at us and say, “Ugh, She looks awful!” or “What a MESS. Why don’t she let Me strip her to re-equip her?”


  • Give increase and restoration in every aspect of your life…
  • God is going to restore things back into your life that were lost along the way.
  • The restoration will yield double and triple returns!
  • There will be an over and abundance of blessings.
  • Others will be lacking in this country, but you won’t lack.
  • This is a personal lesson tonight.
  • Don’t point fingers, unless you are pointing it at your self.
  • And tell God, “Lord, Strip Me For The Equipping!”

If You Allow God To Strip You For The Equipping, God Is Going To…
Six (6) Things Will Let You Know That You Are Being Stripped For The Re-Equipping.

  • 1. You Vow To Maintain Integrity (truth and honesty). — This will lead to PEACE.
  • 2. You Vow To Forgive Those Who Hurt Or Wronged You. — This will yield FREEDOM.
  • 3. You Vow To Relax And Trust God. — This will lead to GOOD HEALTH and a SOUND MIND.
  • 4. You Vow To Be An Encourager. — This will bring greater BLESSINGS to you.
  • 5. You Vow To Be A Peace Maker And A Peace Receiver. — This will release the AGAPE LOVE to you and others.
  • 6. You Vow To Never Stop Growing. — This will yield SPIRITUAL MATURITY.



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