Overseer/Spiritual Covering

Apostle Dr. Constance Smith Fields

Apostle/Prophetess Dr. Constance resides in Daytona Beach, Florida. She is the founder of SWORD MINISTRIES (Sacred Women of Royal Design), a ministry awakening the womb of destiny to those that are ready for reformation. Practicing the Presence of God is a music ministry for Psalmists, Prophets, Minstrels and music ministries that God has placed upon the heart of Apostle Constance. God has given Apostle Constance the ability through the wisdom of God to bring out the music potential of those that are called to the music ministry. She has held conferences for years in various locations around the world entitled “Judah Fest,” which is geared towards apostolic worship and ushering in the next move of God for the Body of Christ.

Thousands have been blessed and healed by the prophetic preached word and the music ministry of Apostle Constance and her team, via church conferences, schools, parks, radio, and even television. The music speaks to people from all walks of life, with the message that there is purpose and destiny for all of our lives. Salvation and deliverance have been brought to many people, as they experience the awesome presence of God in her music. Much of Apostle Constance’s ministry has been referred to as Pure Worship. Many have reported mental healings after listening to the music ministry of Apostle Dr. Constance Fields. With a purpose to reach nations, bridge the gap between church and society, and bring a positive balance on issues that are important to both worlds, Apostle Constance is taking this entire world for Jesus Christ.

Holding a Doctorate of Divinity and a Doctorate of Theology, and most of all ordained by God, this vessel also has been opening “Schools of the Prophets,” a four month program designed to teach, train and activate the next frontline soldiers commissioned to prophesy the Word of the Lord to nations.

This messenger of God is a former accountant that is now traveling and ministering in the Gospel since 1990. God saved Apostle Constance out of a shelter for battered women and has now launched her forth in the ministry to thousands across the country and world through spreading the good news, and the keeping and saving power of Jesus Christ.

As the C.E.O. and talk show host of a Christian talk show “Can You Feel Me?” Prophetess Fields dealt with issues that affect society and the church. She also is on TCT ASK THE PASTOR, a television broadcast on regular television, and hosts another talk show on TCT called THE PUBLIC REPORT.

Whether it’s singing as a recording artist and musician, in a youth concert, or preaching in conferences and seminars as a licensed and ordained Pastor, or even sharing in worship explosions, Apostle Constance believes in becoming all things to all men, that she may win some for Jesus Christ. This vessel of honor is bringing forth a life-changing, mind-healing, yolk destroying and effective anointing, to the world, in a time of need.